Christmas Shipping Delays Due To COVID-19

Nov 01 , 2020


Quintin Stroud

Christmas Shipping Delays Due To COVID-19

Hey there all you Alphas out there! It's 2020 and we are looking at the possibility for shipping delays during this Black Friday Sales shopping and the Christmas shopping season. 

With Black Friday Sales on their way, the Christmas shopping season is beginning. One of the biggest hurdles for online shoppers in this COVID-19 2020 holiday season will be ordering gifts in time enough to have them delivered to their destinations on time.

Already items are being lost and delivered late due to COVID-19 restrictions within the shipping and delivery industry. Online stores already receive complaints regularly about delivery delays and lost items. 

What can you do to avoid these problems? Order your items early! Many shoppers are planning to order their items online early and have them delivered early. Shop our store for great holiday items that you can have delivered early this holiday season! Be sure to take advantage of 5% off using code: COMEBACK.

Check out these new articles about holiday shopping delivery delays and what USPS, UPS, FEDEX, and others are doing to combat the issue;






  • Kerri

    I have already ordered my Christmas stuff. ;)

  • Jim Robert

    Glad someone said something about it! I will be ordering my items early.

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