Holiday ‘Shipageddon’ Is Approaching

Nov 18 , 2020


Quintin Stroud

Holiday ‘Shipageddon’ Is Approaching

The current pandemic combined with holiday shopping will make shipping a task of enormous proportions this year. Shoppers need to be wise. 

Since online shopping has grown exponentially during the lockdowns of the last few months and with the holidays quickly approaching, the convergence of online shopping and the pandemic will create an experience know as...  Shipageddon — chaos and delays as every parcel and delivery company hustles to keep up with the surge in holiday packages.

Large retailers and small businesses alike are racking their brains to figure out how they are going to get their products delivered for their customers in this uncharted territory. Many are encouraging customers to order early, but most may not heed that call.

Shipping and delivery managers we spoke to are already taking their antacids and their headache medicine. 

"This is going to be different than all the years before," said Tim Rourke. He owns a small shipping company new to the market. In fact, the company is only one part-time helper and himself. Tim is looking to grow and expand his business through the opportunities presented by this pandemic.

What about you? What are you doing this season to make sure your products and gifts arrive on time? What opportunities do you see in the upcoming months? Are you taking advantage of them?

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